medaglia d'oro 2016 miscela espresso ESPRESSO SOPHIA

ESPRESSO SOPHIA - 100% ARABICA. This blend is made of only Arabica coffee beans sourced from plantations of Central America, South America, Asia and Africa. This is our most important offering which represents our style. As a result of careful analyses, considerations, experience and knowledge of both green beans and equipment. This blend is our best quality of espresso on offer to the end consumer. Visually it presents an intense nut brown colour, with tiger striping. The texture of the “crema” is very fine, silky, firm and free of bubbles. On the palate, you should immediately taste on the tip of the tongue the acidity, which is a characteristic of Arabica coffee. The body, the round structure and syrupy taste take over, but finishes with a clear chocolate sensation. The liquid is completely devoid of astringency and bitter aftertaste, the balance is perfect. This espresso has been judged as, a delicate cup, with an elegant aroma, attractive for the beauty of its “crema", for the different shades of its color, and texture. It also presents floral and fruity aroma with pleasant vanilla, chocolate and caramel notes. Espresso Sophia has been awarded Gold Medal at the 2016 The international Coffee Tasting competition for its roaster blend – Italian Espresso Category.

To be served at a recommend Brew temperature of 91*/93°
Roasting Level: Italian AG TRON 42/35
Depending on different blends components

miscela espresso ESPRESSO PRESTIGE
ESPRESSO PRESTIGE - 80% ARABICA - 20% ROBUSTA. This blend is made up of excellent and refined quality Arabica coffee, with a small addition of selected Robusta from India. It presents a sweet taste, rich body with a medium firm “crema” and an optimal aroma. Recommended for those who love the classic espresso.

To be served at a recommended Brew temperature of 91*/93°
Roasting Level: Italian AG TRON 42/35
Depending on different blends components

espresso PREMIUM
ESPRESSO PREMIUM. This blend is characterised with a fantastic “crema” and firm taste. Its has been selected from excellent Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America, and also Natural and washed Indian and African Coffee.
medaglia d'oro 2016

Miscela Sophia

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